Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting God's Attention

I am attending my first Pastor's School Conference in Phoenix, Az. Tonight, I witnessed something awesome and inspiring as a Parade of Ministries from Phoenix First Assembly of God. I was awestruck as thousands of people for over 2 hours of outreach ministries were paraded on the platform of this enormous church. One of the things that touched my heart was the wonderful testimonies of how the Lord saved and rescued so many from prison, drugs, broken homes, loneliness, suicide, you name it, it was covered. The atmosphere in the place was simply electric as I was caught up in the euphoria of Salvation!

Pastor Tommy Barnett, who has been there 30 years, shared the vision that brought him to Phoenix and what he saw and what drives him today. Briefly, he shared how God led him to Phoenix because he desired to be in a place where you would never reach everyone. He also shared what has driven him since day one, "If I can get the attention of God, the impossible can happen." The conference is called the "Solutionary Conference," putting the words revolutionary and solution together.

I wonder what would happen in my life and yours when we "get God's attention!"

Consider the possibilities as ministry is rethought where permission is granted to begin ministries and maybe realize when a ramp is provided for the lost...they will come!

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